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One of the most biodiverse countries on earth, Colombia has the highest bird species count of any country in the world, with more than 1,800 native and migratory species. The country combines a great variety of stunning birds, beautiful habitats and landscapes, and nice weather all year round. Colombia’s migratory species come and go based on the specific regions, but you will see the majority of Colombia’s birds at any time of the year. 


Explore high and low elevation mountains, dry forests, and coastal habitats in search of an array of tropical avifauna, including hummingbirds, flycatchers, flamingos, tinamous, tanagers, nightjars, chachalacas, toucans, trumpeters, and more. Throughout your journey, meet locals and learn about their conservation efforts.


The huge diversity of birds in the country has been the driving factor behind important conservation initiatives and projects. The country now has around 115 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) which have been developed and protected to conserve bird species. These areas are open to birding tourists, which makes Colombia an attractive destination for bird lovers. 


Some of our favorite locations for Birdwatching:

  • La Guajira

  • Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta

  • Pacific Coast 

  • Natural parks around Bogota 

  • Medellin surroundings

  • The Amazon


Colombia is a birder’s paradise waiting to be discovered. Contact Us to learn more about birdwatching tours, birding trails, lodges specialized in birdwatching, and many other activities that we can include in your Colombian itinerary

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