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Bogota is the capital of Colombia and offers a diverse mix of traditions, history, and progress. Located at 2,640 meters (8,660 feet) in the Andes mountains, this city has numerous attractions including the award-winning Museo del Oro (Gold Museum), local food and crafts markets, various art museums, some of the best restaurants in Latin America, a stunning botanical garden, and a thriving nightlife. In addition, the city’s surroundings offer incredible experiences and destinations, including the unique Salt Cathedral and salt mines, wonderful lakes, amazing natural parks and local countryside restaurants.  


We welcome you to Bogota with various exclusive experiences designed especially for our clients, that will allow you to live this city, immerse in the culture and interact with locals. Contact Us to help you plan your stay in Bogota, and get our insider knowledge to understand what are the best areas to stay at.


Some of our options for Bogota:

  • Walk through the colorful streets of La Calendaria, in the center of Bogota, and see government houses, exploring local architecture and learning about Colombian history.

  • Visit the Gold Museum where you will learn about pre-Columbian gold and other sacred materials and objects for the native people. Shop in the museum’s beautiful shop perfect for buying gifts for friends and family back home, and book a coffee tasting at the specialized coffee shop inside the museum. After this, visit the Botero Museo, where you will enjoy the paintings of Colombia’s famous artists.

  • Hike to Monserrate Hill or go up on a cable car, and admire the beautiful views of the city. You can enjoy lunch and dinner at one of the two top restaurants on top of the hill.

  • Be a Guest at a Colombian house and enjoy an afternoon of Colombian hot chocolate, coffee, and local Colombian pastries. You can also visit a Colombian home, get to know a local family and engage in an exotic fruit tasting activity.

  • On Sundays join La Ciclovia, when many streets in the city are reserved exclusively for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Visit open local markets and buy all kinds of hand-made local handicrafts

  • Do a coffee tasting and learn about coffee. Combine this with a chocolate tasting and learn the importance of not only the coffee industry but also the cacao industry for Colombians.

  • Try local flavors and meet Colombian chefs at internationally acclaimed restaurants. 

  • Take Spanish lessons whilst learning about the Colombian culture.

  • Take a day trip to the unique Salt Cathedral where you will discover a cathedral made of salt and built within salt mines.

  • Visit and hike to the top of Lake Guatavita, which is not only a beautiful sight but is also known to hold multiple gold offerings, given by the Muisca local people to the Gods.

  • Go trekking in nearby beautiful natural parks, in the surroundings of Bogota and in the mountains of the city,

  • Take a tour of a famous local brewery and do a beer tasting.

  • Ride a Colombian Chiva (local party bus), drink a Mojito from a bowl, and Party at Andres Carne de Res!

Start planning your Personalised Itinerary and we will help you coordinate private transportation in Bogota, get reservations for the best restaurants in the city and help you contact some of the best historians and guides. You can also join one of our upcoming Signature Tours which include Bogota as part of the itinerary.

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