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We were born in Colombia and have seen how this country has evolved from a dangerous destination to a safe, WELCOMING, and upcoming destination, and we are therefore extremely PASSIONATE to be part of our country's tourism resurgence. 


We provide superb customer service, we have the KNOW-HOW to design unforgettable Colombian EXPERIENCES, and we treat each of our travelers as a VIP Client. Our philosophy of Luxury Travel is to offer a PERSONALIZED service that seeks to provide clients Outstanding and Authentic experiences in Colombia.

We focus on luxury tailored trips and we work with professional and outstanding LOCAL PARTNERS in all regions across Colombia to design and plan trips that combine exceptional experiences. From diving to trekking, to relaxing on a beautiful beach, to tasting Colombian coffee and flavors, birdwatching, or hiring your private boat, we design once in a lifetime trips! 


CONTACT US and we will start designing an itinerary that combines local culture, hidden gems, local hosts, extraordinary places, unforgettable memories, unique experiences, and much more! Each of our clients is different and we, therefore, specialize in designing bespoke itineraries for each. We look forward to hearing from you. 


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A dual Canadian-Colombian national, Margoth was born in Colombia, and grew up in a family of entrepreneurs that have started successful travel businesses. She moved to Canada where she earned a degree in International Economic Development from McGill University, and then worked in the hospitality and event management industries in London. She has also worked in the tourism industry in Colombia, and has had the opportunity to travel extensively around the world. She completed a Business Coaching degree in the UK and one of her last ventures was pursuing an MBA at the University of Cape Town in South Africa, where she focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. She started Aracanto, inspired by her desire to share her passion for Colombia with the world. 

"We look forward to taking care of you, and making sure your trip to Colombia fulfills all your expectations and is filled with the most memorable experiences"


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With more than 40 years of experience in the tourism industry, Cristina started her career as a tour leader in 1979 taking groups of children, students and adults to different continents. She is a Fulbright Scholar with a Masters in Education and a Degree in Tourism. She was the Vice-president of a renowned travel business in Colombia and started her own first successful tourism company 21 years ago. She has been a board member of various international and local tourism organizations including WYSE travel federation. After traveling around the world, she is now extremely happy to be involved with Aracanto and to be showing her home country, treating each one of her clients and fellow travelers as a special guest. 

"Travel to Colombia with us and we will ensure you have a fantastic time, with opportunities to interact with locals and understand the Colombian culture. We look forward to meeting you soon!"


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A life-long world traveller, Felipe grew up surrounded by successful travel businesses within a family of entrepreneurs. He has lived in Colombia, Canada, Argentina, France, and Australia, and travelled extensively around the world. After earning a degree in Political Economy and Philosophy from the University of Sydney, he worked internationally in tourism, education, and technology. Across all the companies that he has worked for, from Apple to G Adventures, he has excelled at offering premium service. Meticulous and passionate for client service, he is the one person that you want to organize your trip, making sure that everything runs smoothly as you discover the wonders of Colombia.

"Whether you seek luxury, adventure, culture, food or a mix of all, we’ll help you plan a personalised and authentic Colombian Experience down to the last detail.”

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