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Medellin is one of its kind among cities in the world. It went from being one of the most dangerous cities in the world to becoming a cultural hub, where many travelers discover the perfect city not only to spend a few days at, but the place that they move to and end up calling home.


This city enjoys perfect spring weather all year long and offers activities, restaurants, and experiences for every traveler’s taste. It is also one of the most developed cities in Latin America and it is experiencing some of the most interesting processes of social gentrification in the world. Medellin surroundings and nearby towns are also not to be missed and include some of the most beautiful places in the country. Contact Us and start planning your trip to this fascinating city. 


Wake up in a luxury hotel, or a charming boutique hotel and start your day at Pergamino Café, where you will enjoy one of the best coffees in the world, with a delicious Colombian sweet or salty pastry. Meet your local bilingual guide who will take you to Comuna 13, one of the most fascinating neighborhoods in the city. Some call it a slum, but we like to call it a very special place where graffiti artists from the Comuna 13 joined forces to express their story of violence, courage, and survival through fascinating graffiti art. Get told the story by a local resident of how this community went from being the most dangerous place in Medellin to one of the most visited places in Colombia. You will then continue to visit the center of the city and the Museo de Antioquia, which holds one of the best painting and sculpture exhibitions of famous Colombian artist Fernando Botero. Stop for lunch at the top of one of Medellin’s tallest buildings, where the food and the views are outstanding.


Continue with your guide to the metro cable system of Medellin. This revolutionary urban transportation system will remind you of ski slopes in Switzerland, to realize it is part of the efficient metro system of Medellin - the only one of its kind in the world. One of the metro cable lines will take you to the top of the mountains in the city, where you will find Parque Arvi - a beautiful and huge natural park where you can hike, walk, ride bicycles and enjoy being surround by nature, butterflies, orchids and a wide diversity of birds. Spend a few hours here, and then head back to your hotel to rest and change for this evening.


For the evening you can choose between El Cielo or Carmen, two of the most upscale but also interesting culinary experiences in Latin America. The Chefs at both restaurants have put together a combination of fusion food and culinary artistic combinations that will awaken your five senses. If you prefer a more casual dinner, head to Hato Viejo where you will experience delicious local food, and great music. Get ready for tomorrow when you will be traveling out of Medellin for a day, to the town of Guatape where you will presence one of the best views in the world. And when we say one of the best views in the world, we really mean it! Start planning your own trip to Medellin with a unique itinerary designed for you, or join one of our Unique Colombia Tours

Insider Travel Tips:

  • Take a tour at the museum of famous Colombian artist and sculptor Fernando Botero. 

  • Visit Guatape, where you will see one of the most beautiful views in the world overlooking the region.

  • Take Spanish lessons. Contact Us for the best Spanish school in the city. 

  • Try a shot of the local alcohol, Aguardiente. 

  • Have lunch at some of the best local restaurants and at renowned international restaurants. Contact Us for reservations.

  • Visit Parque Arvi and connect with nature. 

  • Learn more about the history of cartels and Pablo Escobar. Contact Us to do this with one of the best local guides in the city. 

  • Go out in El Poblado and visit some of the best bars and restaurants in the city. 

  • Visit Juan Valdez Cafe, and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Contact Us for a private coffee experience. 

  • Try the famous "Bandeja Paisa," a typical Colombian dish with meat, egg, plantain, and avocado. 

  • Walk through the Botanical garden, see an immense variety of orchids and admire the architecture.

  • Get inspired by visiting the project at Comuna 13 with one of the city's most impoverished areas. 

  • Visit a local fruit market and visit the city with a local guide. Contact Us to integrate this in your itinerary. 


Contact Us for your perfect Personalised Itinerary of Medellin and surroundings, or join one of our Signature Tours.

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