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The Amazon jungle is a mysterious and magical world that covers almost a third of the Colombian territory. Embarking on a journey to this part of Colombia is an incredible adventure, that will open your eyes to the beautiful and captivating world we live in. The Amazon has unparalleled biodiversity when compared to any region in the world, and it is home to the world’s most diverse collection of exotic flora and fauna.  


In Colombia’s Amazon, it is not just the wildlife and the adventure that is extraordinary but also understanding local people and indigenous tribes. In the Amazon you will have no signal and will be surrounded by the natural world. It is a great place to disconnect, and engage in an experience that will awaken all your senses, and will allow you to feel more connected and in tune with yourself.


Watch the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets, accompanied by the melody of the birds and animals of the rainforest. Walk through the Amazon jungle and attempt to climb the tallest trees in the world. Try a canopy experience and rise to the crown of a tree, where you will be at the top of the rainforest and will get to see the outstanding view that birds in this part of the world enjoy every day. Build your courage and walk through the jungle at night, whilst learning from a local guide about the different species and phenomenon of the rainforest.


Go on a river cruise along the Amazon river, and search for pink dolphins jumping out of the water. Learn how local tribes dance, eat and live and understand how important it is for our world that their knowledge of the rainforest continues to be past generation after generation.


Enjoy exotic Amazon fruits, dance to the rhythm of the jungle and enjoy being surrounded by the coolest monkeys on earth. Sleep on a treehouse, or stay at a luxury boutique hotel. Whichever your choice, we will make sure you have a fantastic time! ​


We have visited the Amazon various times, and continue to do so every year. We work with the best accommodation options in the region, and will help you coordinate transportation, activities and logistics.


Contact Us and receive travel consulting on how to travel to the Amazon, what to bring, where to stay and what places to visit. We will craft a Personalised itinerary that suits your preferences, and also allows you to travel comfortably, safely and enjoy your time there.

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