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The coffee region is where the majority of the famous Colombian coffee is produced. This region is not only blessed with perfect weather conditions to grow the best quality coffee but also with a great variety of options to visit and to stay at. This is our favorite destination in Colombia, because of how characteristic it is of our traditions and culture. As you probably know, Colombia produces some of the best coffee in the world and it is the only country where all of the coffee is still carefully selected and picked by hand. This personal touch and care given by farmers are what makes Colombian coffee special and unique.


Additionally, you will be pleased to know that coffee in Colombia is still grown by small coffee farmers and families that have been specializing in coffee for many generations. We are experts in the coffee region and will help you plan the most amazing trip and personalised itinerary to this region of Colombia. 


Wake up in a beautiful coffee farm, surrounded by the noise of birds. Go on a morning walk and birdwatching tour, enjoying one of the best places on earth to see a large variety of birds. Stop for a fresh, freshly squeezed tangerine juice and a variety of exotic fruits produced in the region. Get back to the main coffee farmhouse and enjoy a delicious breakfast with fresh Colombian coffee. Get ready to leave for the day, and get picked up by a private car and bilingual guide for your group. Drive and enjoy stunning landscapes until you reach the town of Salento where you will go to a local coffee shop that serves one of the best coffees in the world, winner of various international taste awards.


Enjoy another delicious coffee and get some energy to start hiking the Cocora Valley and to presence the tallest palm trees in the world. Have your camera ready as this valley have multiple spots to take amazing pictures. Enjoy delicious local trout for lunch, and continue your afternoon with a visit to a local family coffee farm where you will engage in a coffee tour, and a specialized coffee tasting. Learn about coffee production, the coffee bean, and the Colombian and global coffee industries, and get to test your senses with different coffee varieties. Go back to your hotel, and get some rest by the pool and spa. To end your day, you will have an evening of live music with Colombian guitarists, and delicious local food. Get ready for tomorrow when you will have a chance to experience the day to day life of a Colombian coffee farmer, go horseback riding, have lunch on a riverboat, and enjoy a Colombian cooking class.


Contact Us and we will include The Coffee Region in your itinerary, including exclusive experiences and visits to some of the best coffee farms that you will not find on your own. You can also join our upcoming specialized coffee tour which will include a fantastic 7-day itinerary of the coffee region, with exclusive visits to some of the best Colombian coffee farms and coffee shops. 

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