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15 Reasons Why You Need to Travel to Colombia Now

With so many destinations worldwide we often get asked why should Colombia be in everyone's top travel list. The country went through an unfortunate internal armed conflict that made it close its doors to international tourism for decades. Having signed the peace agreement, the country is now a safe destination to visit and the world is starting to discover the wonders that Colombia has been hiding for many years. Colombia is located in a strategic location, and it is very easy to get to from Latin America, North America, and Europe. In a report detailing the world’s most connected airports, El Dorado International Airport ranks 39th overall and 3rd in Latin America, making Bogota’s airport one of the most connected on the planet. After visiting Colombia, we can assure you that you will not want to leave. Contact Us and we will start planning your perfect personalised itinerary, or join one of our Signature Tours.

Here are our top 15 reasons why the country is becoming one of the most attractive upcoming world destinations to visit, and why you should start planning your trip with us to visit this fascinating destination. 

  1. Colombia is one of the few megadiverse countries in the world, with the largest number of bird species worldwide.

  2. Colombia’s close proximity to the Equator gives the country a year-round tropical climate. 

  3. You can sleep in beautiful traditional coffee farms and try the best coffee in the world. 

  4. See the tallest palm trees in the world and hike the Lost City. 

  5. The Positivism and Smiles of Colombians are contagious. 

  6. Drink natural juices, eat exotic fruit and enjoy delicious food. 

  7. Buy authentic and very well-priced Colombian Emeralds, as well as Gold. 

  8. The country has a very interesting history. Come and learn the real story behind Narcos.

  9. The diving and snorkeling are stunning. 

  10. Colombia has over 300 beaches along it's Caribbean and Pacific coasts, and an abundance of national natural parks.

  11. The street art is exceptional! 

  12. Go back in time by visiting beautiful and authentic Colonial towns. 

  13. You can take dance classes, participate in festivals, and practice your salsa, reggaeton, and Latin moves!

  14. Colombia has a wide variety of flora and fauna, and you will be surrounded by a variety of natural landscapes.

  15. Colombians are very proud of their country and will go out of their way to make you feel welcomed. 

Contact Us for exclusive experiences and to start planning your trip to Colombia.

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