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"So is it really safe to travel around Colombia?" YES! 


Decades of drug trafficking and guerrilla combat have given the country a reputation that will take a long time to change. But the terrible years are over, and there is a real effort from the population and the government to show the country to the world in a new light. After going through a decade of insecurity and internal war, Colombia is now a safe country to travel to. It is only in recent years that the world has started to discover all the incredible and unique destinations that this country has to offer, and this has started a wave of tourism development in the country. It is now becoming one of the trendiest destinations to visit, and you will see the country featured in mainstream magazines, blogs, and news channels such as Condé Nast Traveler.


The Colombian government signed the peace accord with the Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC) in 2016, and subsequent ceasefire with the National Liberation Army (ELN) in 2017. Furthermore, the government created a successful Disarmament and Demobilization Program that seeks to reintegrate illegal soldiers from insurgent armies to civil life in order to give these individuals an alternative to start a new life, and to use it as an effective measure in achieving democratic security.


These achievements, combined with other initiatives, helped to finally end decades of civil war. As a result, the country is considerably safer than it once was and many previously no-go areas are now safe for travel. Please rest assured that all the areas covered by Aracanto are safe, and providing you do not wander far from our recommended areas, and that you follow our itineraries, you will not run into any problems.


Like in most cities around the world, theft is the most common danger and the problem is more serious in large cities. So please bear this in mind when traveling around the country and use common sense… but otherwise relax and enjoy!


Overall, the number of visitors to Colombia has grown from one million visitors in 2006 to more than six million in 2017. This growth in the number of international travelers reaffirms that the country is on the map of world tourism and it is experiencing a tourism renaissance.


Read our FAQ for more information on medical advice for travelers to Colombia.

You can also join one of our Small Group Tours, and have the advantage of traveling with more people and a dedicated Tour Leader.



Visit Colombia before everyone else does, and understand why this beautiful country is now in fashion!

Contact Us and Travel with Aracanto and we will make sure you feel safe throughout your trip.

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