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See Colombia in an authentic way and participate in everything that Colombia has to offer! Colombians are known to be some of the friendliest and most hospitable people on earth, and they love welcoming people to their country.


Traveling in Colombia with a local and meeting Colombians along the way will definitely enhance your experience in this country. Discover rustic, authentic, and unspoiled gems as we connect you to local hosts that can meet you for a cup of coffee, invite you to their homes or travel with you as guides. Do what Colombians do, learn from their experiences, eat where they eat, and immerse yourself in their culture.  Contact Us and we will include local hosts and local guides throughout your journey in Colombia, allowing you to live authentic, local life experiences that you will always remember!


Colombia has a very interesting history and culture, and there is no better way to learn the tales and traditions than by speaking with Colombians and learning from real-life experiences and perspectives. Contact Us to start planning your personalised itinerary, crafted with a number of exclusive experiences designed for you and your group.

Join a local family in their home and enjoy a Colombian hot chocolate afternoon, discover the main cities of the country with a local host that takes you to their favorite places and hidden gems, dance with locals, and get invited to a cooking class and a fruit tasting at a Colombian home. We can plan these and many more experiences where you will get true local immersion. Get started with your personalised itinerary or join one of our Unique Colombian tours. 

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